How are applications evaluated?

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Once submitted, the eligibility criteria will be checked. Once the application eligibility criteria checks have been completed, submissions which have been passed as complete are sent to the Evaluation Committee. The Evaluation panels are chosen by the Evaluation Committee. Each application is remotely evaluated by a panel of three independent evaluators. The evaluators are identified from EU and international organisations. The Evaluation panel experts will assess and score the applications on the basis of the relevance, research and innovation quality and feasibility and exploitability.
Evaluation scores are awarded for each of the four criteria. Each criterion is scored out of 5, being 1 the lowest and 5 the highest. Only projects that have obtained an overall mark of 12 or more will be considered for financing.
A consensus meeting involving the three experts and a fourth one acting as observer will follow. The evaluation consensus report is sent to the programme office who organizes an Evaluation summary meeting involving the Panel chair and is chaired by the WHRI-ACADEMY project coordinator to select the proposals for funding.