Are there any details available on the salary and mobility allowance for these positions?

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As a general rule the WHRI-ACADEMY fellow is appointed under an employment contract for the duration of the fellowships at the host organization except in adequately documented cases or where national Financial Regime regulation would prohibit this possibility. When an employment contract cannot be provided by the host organization, the WHRI-ACADEMY fellow must be recruited under a status equivalent to a fixed amount fellowship, provided that it is compatible with the national legislation and that adequate social security is provided (but not necessarily paid from the fellowship). 

Fellows will receive a Living allowance. The Living Allowance will depend on the experience of the selected fellow. The Host Organisations are allowed to use their own salary scales to support the costs for the fellows’ salary costs. Within WHRI-ACADEMY, the fellows must benefit of 1 875 EUR/year as mobility/travel allowance. This allowance refers to relocation and mobility cost of the fellows. it does not take into consideration family status of the applicant. Furthermore, the fellows must benefit of 18 750 EUR/year as contribution to the research costs. This allowance refers to those eligible direct costs related to the research project such as consumables, travel and subsistence for attendance to scientific events, publications, material for the dissemination and communication of the research project, salaries of a person (i.e.: PhD student) assisting the fellow, etc.

Please note that the EU contribution per fellow/year is 37 250 EUR and it shall correspond to up to 40% of the annual fellowship costs.